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Going Beyond

Going Beyond Is Our Way Of Giving Back

Beyond Us

The purpose of Good Neighbors Rehabs is to provide charitable assistance to those individuals or organizations in need, on a local and global level. Our programs may include looking for those who fit our profile to receive charitable giving, host fundraising events in order to provide continued giving.

Good Neighbors Rehabs will improve the quality of life for various individuals and entities assisting various individuals through benevolence, educational scholarships, contributing to other non-profit organizations, and other miscellaneous charitable projects. Our passion is to help those with financial needs.

Our major activities are charitable giving at holiday seasons, giving to other non-profits sponsoring local businesses, scholarship donations, participating in non-profit community projects.

Examples of our activities:

Holiday Giving Program – At various holidays, we provide goods, services, or cash donations to those in need through random acts of kindness. For example, we have given cash to a mother who had been shopping in the baby aisle who couldn’t afford a car seat, we paid at checkout for those who were putting items back as they saw the total bill, and couldn’t afford the total. The items they wanted to purchase were not luxury or unnecessary items. We have paid for the meals of those in a drive-through restaurant line. We have given money to the homeless.

Specific Needs Program for individuals – We donate items, cash, or sponsorships to individuals as they submit an application or if we hear about a need and believe it aligns with our goals and objectives. For example, we purchased a used vehicle for a single mother who was unemployed because she didn’t have transportation.

Scholarship Program – We will donate scholarship funds to students of educational institutions. For example, in 2011 and 2012, we personally and corporately gave scholarships to students at the University of North Florida Languages Department here in Jacksonville, Florida.

Local Businesses Non-Profit Giveaways Program – We highlight a local business through a fun contest for its customers. We donate funds to the charity that the winner chooses.

Specific Needs Program for Organizations – We sponsor individuals who are participating in activities to raise funds for nonprofit organizations. For example, we donated funds on behalf of an individual who was cycling to raise funds for the Ohio State Comprehensive Cancer Center.