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Change Your Life

Don’t get stuck on the first step on the road to Real Estate Investing.

Put your mind at ease. Learn everything you want and need to know about Funding. Kim says the most important step in Real Estate Investing is setting up your funding. Let her show you how to look up lenders and research them on the internet. Follow her example calls to understand how to talk to possible financers and what questions you should be asking.

This course includes:

  • 4 instructional videos
  • 4 sample calls, transcriptions
  • Hard Money Lender List
  • Hard Money Lender Comparison Spreadsheet
  • Lender Interview Script

SOTEREI IGNITE is an introductory course designed to ignite you and fuel your desire to learn more about real estate investing and building wealth. 

The Program Objectives:
• Know how to create a vision for YOUR VIEW of financial freedom
• Understand what financial freedom is
• Know what true wealth is
• Understand why real estate investing is a good way to create financial freedom
What You Will Learn:
• Importance in creating passive income
• How you are standing in your own way and what tools you need to get past your limiting paths
• 5 investing strategies (Private Lending, Wholesaling, Tax Certificate Purchasing, Buying & Holding)

Our SOTE REI ACTIVATE Program Gives You the Building Blocks, Tools and Steps To Succeed in Real Estate Investing!  We walk you through 6 essential steps that will have you in Action in no time.  This is just a sample of what we’ve packed into this program… We set you up with tools and show you how to use them.  We show you how to find money and cash buyers.  We provide you with 200 leads a month that have already been scrubbed and teach you how to work those leads.  We teach you how to inspect properties and run the numbers on a property and what is the best exit strategy for the property.  We set you up with eDocs, provide you with contract templates and teach you how to submit offers.  We’ll also teach you how to close the deal and then market based on your exit strategy.  We’ll teach you about different types of contracts.  We’ll teach you how to estimate rehab costs and the process of flipping a property.  We provide templates for cost trackers, lease templates, templates for contractors, and we teach you how to market for rent or for retail sale.  There is so much packed into this program.  The only way you will not succeed is if you’re not in Action.  Get into Massive Action and get started today!

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